After years of facilitating group coaching within leadership development programs, I recently set out to add one-to-one Executive coaching to my portfolio offering.  One important step in this journey was obtaining my ICF coaching credential.  This necessitated attending an accredited program, delivering hundreds of coaching hours, succeeding a rigorous competency-based exam, and committing to an ethical code of practice …here’s what I learned about credentialed coaching that adds value to my clients.

Develop a coaching contract – ICF Credentialed Coaches are bound to articulate professional service agreements and develop a results-oriented partnership with their clients.  I learned to draft coaching engagements to establish a healthy working relationship with the leader by defining the goal and limitations of the coaching partnership, the responsibilities of the client as well as the number, length and cost of the sessions.

Guarantee confidentiality and integrity – ICF Credentialed Coaches uphold professional standards and pledge commitment to the ICF Code of Ethics.   I learned a professional coaching code of conduct, to disclose any conflicts of interest and to maintain privacy and confidentiality to create an environment conducive to deeper conversations.

Enable client generated solutions – ICF Credentialed Coaches adhere to the definition of coaching as a client-centric process.  I learned to work from the leaders’ agenda to facilitate a process whereby they generate solutions for themselves, and I empower and nudge them towards action and results. 

Facilitate learning and results – ICF Credentialed Coaches undergo an evidence-based assessment of ability to deliver to ICF Core Competences.  I learned to use this impactful process in every intervention to reinforce the clients’ goals, while creating a relationship using listening, questioning, and communication expertise to ensure leaders gain awareness and design relevant actions.

Share state-of-the-art practices – ICF Credentialed Coaches commit to on-going professional development and meet education requirements to maintain credentials.  I learned to stay current of coaching developments and continuously enhance my practice with new knowledge and tools

What I learned about myself?  I learned the power of coaching on my clients and the fulfillment it affords me.   

What have you learned?…join the conversation